[issue2550937] Custom nosyreaction leads to crash (with fix)

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[issue2550937] Custom nosyreaction leads to crash (with fix)

John Rouillard

New submission from Trent Gamblin:

I attempted to make sure I receive email for all messages and ran into a
crash. In detectors/nosyreaction.py I added my email to the nosymessage
call. When nobody is subscribed to the issue (unassigned, nobody nosy)
roundup crashes when you do this. The fix is simple and a patch is attached.

The current code crashes because smtp_send is called with an empty list
(sendto) which throws an exception when smtplib.sendmail is called
eventually. The patch just prevents smtp_send from being called if
sendto is empty.

components: Infrastructure
files: nosendto.diff
keywords: patch
messages: 5950
nosy: goobliata
severity: normal
status: new
title: Custom nosyreaction leads to crash (with fix)
type: crash
versions: devel

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