[issue2550922] make mail addressed to tracker+issue25@some.address.com update issue 25.

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[issue2550922] make mail addressed to tracker+issue25@some.address.com update issue 25.

John Rouillard

New submission from John Rouillard:

roundup/mailgw.py has the following code:

       # XXX Don't enable. This doesn't work yet.
        # handle delivery to addresses like:[hidden email]
        # use the embedded issue number as our issue
#            issue_re = config['MAILGW_ISSUE_ADDRESS_RE']
#            if issue_re:
#                for header in ['to', 'cc', 'bcc']:
#                    addresses = message.getheader(header, '')
#                if addresses:
#                  # FIXME, this only finds the first match in the
#                    issue = re.search(issue_re, addresses, 'i')
#                    if issue:
#                        classname = issue.group('classname')
#                        nodeid = issue.group('nodeid')
#                        break

we should make that work.

components: Mail interface
keywords: Effort-Medium
messages: 5772
nosy: rouilj
priority: normal
severity: normal
status: new
title: make mail addressed to [hidden email] update issue 25.
type: rfe
versions: devel

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