how to invoke a druid/wizard

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how to invoke a druid/wizard

John P. Rouillard

Hi all:

I was setting up my first druid/wizard following the directions in:


One thing I noticed is that that section doesn't describe how to
invoke the druid.

I assume the name of the druid (that creates issues) is
issue.druidname.html and the way to invoke it is:


but that is not specified anywhere.

Is the above correct, is it the only way to do it?

Is there some way to use the home context to start the wizard?

Does anybody have any interesting druids/wizards?

Also how do people make druids discoverable? I was considering adding
a "workflow" (or druid) class to my tracker with "name" "description"
and "url" properties. That way the index page for workflows could
display all three fields and people could just click on the url to
start a druid.



                                -- rouilj
John Rouillard
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