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SCM integration example local_replace.py

Bernhard Reiter-7
as you may know it is possible to have the webinterface interpret strings
for example to link to an SCM.

For example see http://issues.roundup-tracker.org/msg5316 where it
links to the roundup source directory.

It is possible to customize this behaviour by using a local_replace.py
file by playing a file in extensions, here is the one used by our tracker:

I'm attaching another example with
a) a link to github
b) Using more readable regular expressions with options "re.X".

(If someone likes to put this on the wiki or the repo, feel free to. I lack
the time in the next days. I think we should add the possibilities of
local_replace.py and other integrations with scm into the documentation.)

Hope it is helpful,

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