Is anybody using old style trackers with dbinit.py?

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Is anybody using old style trackers with dbinit.py?

John P. Rouillard
Hi all:

Since it's spring I am trying to do some cleanup on the roundup
code base.

Is anybody still running a roundup instance where dbinit.py is used in
place of schema.py. (Also config.py was replaced by config.ini.)

The old style tracker code that supports dbinit.py and config.py looks
like it has not been maintained. I don't even think it will work
anymore given the changes to other parts of the code.

The new style trackers were introduced in release 0.8 in Feb 2005. I
thope this has been enough time for people to convert 8-).

Unless I hear otherwise, I am planning on removing all the old style
tracker code from instance.py.

Have a great spring all.

                                -- rouilj
John Rouillard
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