How to add http headers to all roundup responses?

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How to add http headers to all roundup responses?

John P. Rouillard
Hi all:

I want to add some CSP (content security policy) headers to all
the pages and I would prefer to not use the meta- headers in the document.

How do you add to the client headers? I know about calling
self.client.additional_headers['header-here'] = 'value'.  But the only
place I have used that is in a new action.

In this case I want to add it to all pages. The only thing
I can think of is to use the trackers interfaces.py and

  class Client(client.Client):
      ''' derives basic CGI implementation from the standard module,
          with any specific extensions

      additional_headers['header-here'] = 'value'

to hijack the default Client class and add the headers. Obviously my
example above is bogus so if anybody has helpful hint's if I have to
go this route I would appreciate it.


                                -- rouilj
John Rouillard
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