Announcement of the "Roundup Drag and Drop" 'plugin' for tables

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Announcement of the "Roundup Drag and Drop" 'plugin' for tables

Sean Engelhardt
Hello Roundup-users,

I want to suggest you a little tool that I wrote about one year ago, I named
it "Roundup Drag and Drop" (roundnd).

This allows you to "sort" tables in roundup using drag and drop. Tables are
sorted by a "sequence number" which have to exist in the tracker.
After sorting, the sequence number will update itself according to the
surrounding sequence numbers.

Drag and drop-support is implemented using jQuery and jQueryUI.

When sorting things, you might facing unexpected results. The idea was to be
able to sort some kind of Scrum-backlog in roundup using this plugin.

To give an example, when you put a "58.0" under a "3.0" the "58.0" will become
"3.1" - because this is meant to be literally "bellow 3". Sorting any number
between 3.1 and 3.0 will update all the numbers in the "3-Tree", so the result
should be "3.0, 3.1, 3.2". Swapping Entries inside a "Tree" will not recreate
the whole tree, this will really result in swapping.
You always sort tickets underneath each other. When you try to put a ticket on
the top of a list, it will become the "root of a tree".
After moving stuff inside a table, a hand-written-post-request will serialize
the new values in the table and push them pack into the database.

I hope this is somehow comprehensible. You might just want to try it out.
I uploaded the sourcecode released under GPL >= v2 and a modified version of
the "classic" template under bitbucket followed by some further instructions.


Feel free to express your thoughts to this.

Kind regards
Sean Engelhardt

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